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Emma Watson’s HeforShe speech at the United Nations (UN Women 2014)

A must watch. Gender equality is a movement that has to be started NOW! Not just by Women but by the Men as well. So join the movement, my fellow guy bloggers, it’s for your sake too. And like what Emma said, ask yourself:

If not me, who? If not now, when?


Sakura (by Kinhaku)

soon…i’ll be seeing dem beautiful cherry blossoms sooooonnnn..XDD

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Happy Birthday Jongdae! (September 21, 1992)

if only i could like this a million times…(> <) 

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SNSD- TaeTiSeo Only U (Inkigayo- 210914)
This is by far, my most favorite comeback stage for the Holler promotions.
And today’s Holler stage too…(≧▽≦)♥♥♥♥♥
The sparkly sparkly costumes!!! Uwaaaaaaa!!!!

credits to owner of vid (krisbrows8) Thank u!!!♥♥

And it&#8217;s trending worldwideeee!!!!! \(^o^)/(≧▽≦)(*≧∀≦*)  
Happy Chen Chen Chen day!!!!!!

And it’s trending worldwideeee!!!!! \(^o^)/(≧▽≦)(*≧∀≦*)
Happy Chen Chen Chen day!!!!!!

Rain please stop…… T-T

#TyphoonMario #plusHabagat #amtrapped #wonderwhytheconcertisstillontonight #staystafeeveryone #jacketsweaterweather

#TyphoonMario #plusHabagat #amtrapped #wonderwhytheconcertisstillontonight #staystafeeveryone #jacketsweaterweather

You are everything I’ve been looking for, will you protect me?
The moment I was with you and your love
Even if pain from the faded past comes
I will always tell you my heart that only beats toward you

SNSD-TTS (Only U) (written by Seohyunnie!!!)
(credits to popgasa)

I’m torn bet. this and whisper, as my fave song in the album, Holler… both sound so goooooddd.. (≧ω≦)